How You Do It
It is very normal to ask how this is possible. Firstly we are anonymous, but everyone in our entire team has at least a good experience with getting all the solutions that we offer in the usual way. So we have decided to come up with an easier and less expensive option which could save you so much time going through the usual process. Our team will have your driver’s licenses, passports, IDs, Details added to the official database Through a well renowned and skilled insider. No stress, while you still save a ton of money and valuable time. Well, the obvious question is how do I make sure I’m spending my money on the right purchase? We have a long reputation we have belt since 2008 when we started operating and ever since then, we have made contacts that yield absolutely valuable output. So, for this reason, you can say that we’re certainly not a new player in the game. Secondly, we strive for quality services and we have been able to achieve that through a number of ways. Lastly, we operate using a transparency first methodology in which, Every penny you spend is clearly defined so that you can have a detailed overview of how your money is been spent at any particular point in time. We couldn’t have left the usual way of doing these things just to create another costly or time-consuming way of doing the same thing.

How should I take my photo?
Stand against a wall, solid white background color. Wear clothes that contrast well, get your shoulders and face in it. Make sure its in a bright room, use HQ picture and make sure your hair isn’t messy.

I submitted wrong signature!
If we notice you submitted a wrong signature we will default to our own signature for you. If you provided a not so good one, we will supply our own as well.

Is there a shipping price?
At this moment we offer free shipping to all EU countries & 150 for express delivery rest of world

How do I pay?
– We offer a variety of payment options to make the payment more accessible to you.
– T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) also known as a wire transfer. This is an international wire of funds from the buyer’s bank to the seller’s bank. This may take a couple of days.
– We do however also take Western Union which would be sent to an international exchanger for us to receive bitcoins.

We prefer bitcoin as it’s the safest and fastest method of getting your order out the door.

Can I have tracking number?
You can ask us to check your order’s tracking if you have not received your shipment within 10 delivery days (Monday-Saturday) after receiving the shipping notification for your order.

How is my data handled?
After uploading your required document(s) details, your information is immediately retrieved and dispatched for processing, registration, printing; we do not store your personal information on our servers. After your shipment has arrived we securely wipe any and all data associated with your order and you do the same with ours.

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