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Buy a German driving license without a written exam:

Have you failed the driving theory test in Germany and Austria several times due to stress, lack of concentration or simply because the system is too demanding with such a degree? We are here for you. You just have to contact us through this website. We can give you a driver category B or any other category you need for your job. The test of German and Austrian driving license theory should not be between you and your job or your daily transactions.

Buy a German and Austrian driving license without a practical test:

Can you drive well on the road but not perform well in the difficult practical driving license test? Testing in the presence of a driver’s license may prevent you from passing the driver’s practical test, but it does not prevent you from obtaining a driver’s license online. Just contact us and apply for your driver’s license online. We collect your data, process your tight driver’s license and send it to you in the country where you choose.

Renew your valid German and Austrian driving license:

If you have difficulty extending your German and Austrian driver’s license, you can also find help on this website, where you can buy a difficult driver’s license online. The procedures for buying a driver’s license online do not require a driving test or a practical driving test. You do not need a driver’s license driver. All you have to do is follow a simple procedure and we will guide you through the procedure.

Replace a suspended German and Austrian driving license:

Is your German and Austrian driving license temporarily blocked? At some point you make a mistake and lose your German and Austrian driver’s license for a long time. You have probably imagined that you can buy a German and an Austrian driving license online. You have just found a solution. Our agents are here to help you at any time of the day. We use our resources and government connections to ensure that our customers can work legally again. You can buy a new German and Austrian driving license without worrying about the suspension.


To avoid losing your driver’s license, you need to practice the following. 1. Do not drink, drive or drink while driving. 2. Do not drive with drugs. 3. Do not exceed the permitted speed in areas. 4. Do not disregard traffic signs. 5. Always take your driver’s license with you when driving on expressways.


How safe am I to act here?

The services of this website are treated as strictly confidential between the buyer and us. We protect the anonymity of the buyer by ensuring the security of our messages both manually and through encryption. We also assure you that you will receive your product. In this way, you can only pay if you have provided proof of the existence of your registered driving license.


If you are already registered at a driving school, you should continue your driving lessons. However, you do not have to take the theoretical or practical driving test. This is because we bypass this process and work directly with insiders in the transportation office to get you a registered and real driver’s license without checking. 


Of course not. The driver’s license we provide is fully registered and valid in your country’s database. The security of all of our customers is our top priority. There are thousands of driving licenses in circulation in Europe and no one has had any problems using a driver’s license we bought from us.

For further questions and explanations before buying please contact us via WhatsApp or the contact field. Our employees are online around the clock to help you if necessary. They will also guide you through the process of obtaining your driver’s license.

Do you offer a driving license for other European countries?



Yes, we offer driving licenses for other European countries such as Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, Hungary, Bulgaria, Denmark, Spain, Malta, Lithuania, Lavia, Norway, Belgium, France and many other countries

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